Here’s who you need to listen to for your local classical music fix

Classical music may not be your primary choice during a morning commute to work or school, but we all have been guilty of listening to a Classical music playlist when concentration is needed to get work done. That being said, classical music is more than just that, It engages listeners on a personal and emotional level with the beauty of perspectives. The local classical music scene has seen steady growth in recent years and with influences from non-traditional classical groups such as The Piano...
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A Step-by-Step guide to purchasing your dream musical Instrument in Singapore!

Music is an integral part of everyone’s life. The daily commute to school or work is incomplete without music blasting through our headphones. Music lessons have also become more accessible to the public. We’ve all at some point considered learning an instrument (maybe even so after watching Bohemian’s Rhapsody!)  ...
June 27, 2019 view more