June 27, 2019
A Step-by-Step guide to purchasing your dream musical Instrument in Singapore!

Music is an integral part of everyone’s life. The daily commute to school or work is incomplete without music blasting through our headphones. Music lessons have also become more accessible to the public. We’ve all at some point considered learning an instrument (maybe even so after watching Bohemian’s Rhapsody!)


Everyone’s best friend.


As fun as it sounds, many of us might have procrastinated this goal as buying an instrument is expensive. So, how do you ensure you get the best deal? Here’s a Step-to-Step guide to purchasing your dream musical instrument in Singapore!


1.   Determine the specific instrument you need

Are you a beginner embarking on a newfound enthusiasm or an amateur musician looking to upgrade your instrument? If you’re a beginner, make sure you’ve played with many types of the same instrument before you decide on investing money into it. Chances are the first instrument you try isn’t going to be the one you’re most comfortable with. Be open to the array of options available!


The versatile piano.


2.   Read reviews and find out the price range

Your first impression of an instrument is important but so are the reviews from other users. Reviews offer an unbiased list of the pros and cons of the instrument. Besides, these provide a good gauge of the price range. This could help you to decide if you need to save up more before making the purchase!


The deciding factor.


3.   Browse Online Catalogues
In this digital age, convenience is a requirement. Online catalogues provide the ease of searching and learning more about a product at the comfort of your own home. Many local music stores provide this option. What’s more? You will also be exposed to a variety of other instruments/accessories that might pique your interest.


Gramercy Music’s online catalogue has filters that enable users to find the product that they want based on size, colour, brand and more, totally speeding up your search!


4.   Drop by your neighbourhood Music Store for Expert Opinion
In recent times, most instruments are purchased online but despite how certain you might be about a product, handling and testing it before buying is crucial. By visiting music stores, you can seek expert opinion and gain further insight. Besides the instrument itself, you can also enquire about after-sales care, warranty and insurance because it’s a lifelong investment after-all! This is also the perfect opportunity to become acquainted with like-minded folks (who knows, you could even collaborate or jam out together in the future!)



The options are countless!


5.   Make your final decision

Once you have an elaborate knowledge across all avenues, it’s time to make a wise decision. You’ll be able to play your dream instrument soon enough!


Gramercy Music has been growing along with its customers in the pursuit of a common passion - Music. Dealing primarily with violins, violas, cellos, double basses and music accessories, Gramercy Music has a strong partnership with makers from China to Europe and offers customized repair and restoration services as well.

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