August 16, 2019
Here’s who you need to listen to for your local classical music fix

Classical music may not be your primary choice during a morning commute to work or school, but we all have been guilty of listening to a Classical music playlist when concentration is needed to get work done. That being said, classical music is more than just that, It engages listeners on a personal and emotional level with the beauty of perspectives. The local classical music scene has seen steady growth in recent years and with influences from non-traditional classical groups such as The Piano Guys and Postmodern Jukebox, classical music is definitely on its way to captivating audience from different walks of life in Singapore. So, if you’re a music lover and are open to new experiences, here are 3 local classical musicians/groups you should totally check out!

1)   The very funky Instrumental band, LORONG BOYS

Dubbed as “Society’s new revolutionaries” by Straits Times, Lorong Boys are the ones you need to listen to if you’re a newbie to Classical Music. Lorong Boys are 5 award-winning Singaporean musicians who started out as a group in 2014 while studying at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music at the National University of Singapore. Formed from their shared love for music, the ensemble has since then performed in various TV & Radio platforms in Singapore, art venues such as the Esplanade, Singapore Night Festival and more.

Lorong Boys are known for their ability to combine various musical styles, ranging from classical music to the musical numbers of Broadway Street to today's Top 40 Pop Charts. 

The Lorong Boys doing what they are great at - bringing smils to faces.

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FUN FACT: These guys broke onto the local music scene after their spontaneous performance went viral on social media. Check it out HERE

Lorong Boys are always performing at Community events and hosting interactive workshops as well so do keep a lookout on when you catch them LIVE soon!

2)   The Bona Fide Prodigy, Abigail Sin 

Abigail Sin is an award-winning Singaporean Pianist, who's adoringly referred to as one of Asia's Small Wonders. Abigail had her first run-in with piano when she was just five years old. In 2001, she gave her debut solo recital at CHIJMES and at 14, she became the youngest student in National University of Singapore’s history to enter the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music. Since then, Abigail has performed in various concert halls across the globe and with orchestras such as Singapore Symphony Orchestra, London Soloists Chamber Orchestra and more. 

As South-East Asia's first Young Steinway Artist, Abigail is currently a doctoral student at the Royal Academy of Music in London. 

The child prodigy stays making Singapore proud.

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FUN FACT: In 2013, Abigail founded “More than Music”, a concert series, with violinist Loh Jun Hong. More than Music concerts have been bringing world-class chamber music and budding classical music talents to new audiences while trying to get rid of the misconception that classical music is boring. 

More than Music’s next concert series promises a multi-sensory experience (Wine Included!) Don’t miss it!

3)   One of Singapore’s foremost young musicians - Shuxiang Yang 

Reviewed as one of the best solo performances in the history of President’s concert series, Shuxiang Yang is one to definitely look out for. A soloist and chamber musician who has concerted globally ranging from venues such as Esplanade to the iconic Museo Del Violino in Cremona, every performance by Yang tells a story. 

FUN FACT: His 2016 recital project, ‘Dichterleben’ featured a collage of spoken poetry and music about life, death and transcendence. He is also inspired by the possibilities of the avant-garde and collaborates with living composers from Singapore. 

Shuxiang stays wow-ing everyone with his unique musical voice.
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Shuxiang Yang is currently pursuing a Doctor of Musical Arts at the New England Conservatory and stays in touch with his Singaporean roots by sharing the stage with his fellow local musicians whenever possible.

The next time you catch yourself having the same Friday night plans as always (Shopping and dinner), you know what you could actually do to wind down. There’s a classical music event almost every week!

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