Eurostring Violin Model 200 | Intermediate

Violin Model 200 differs in appearance because its maple wood is highly flamed and has an overall glossier finish. Some may opt to begin learning how to play the violin on this model because they prefer its bright and vibrant look and tonal qualities.

Music students who have some experience in terms of handling a string instrument can also opt for this model. The sounds emitted from the violin is warm and tonally pleasing. 
Similar to our beginner range, Model 200 is made out of solid wood, therefore it is strong and sturdy, yet light enough to handle effortlessly. It is priced higher that our beginner model because the wood - spruce - used to craft the violin is older. 


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  • Includes a Light Oblong Case, Bow and Rosin

  • Hand-crafted Solid Spruce Top

  • Hand-crafted Solid Faded Maple Back, Sides, Neck and Scroll

  • Ebony Fingerboard and Inlaid Purfling with Chinrest

  • Complete 4 Adjusters Tailpiece

  • Pleasant Amber Finish

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Price S$190.00
Instrument Type Violin
Brand EuroString
Product Code VIOLIN 200A
Available Size


Eurostring Violin Model 200 | Intermediate

S$190.00       VIOLIN 200A