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The Electric Violin Vs. The Acoustic Violin: What's The Difference
The violin is one of the most popular instruments in the world. An instrument with a long and rich history, it's evolved through the years to be suited to different genres and styles of music.Today, t...
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The Best Time To Upgrade Your String Instrument – Our Expert Advice
One of the major milestones of a musician's life is when it's time to upgrade your string instrument. Eventually, every player outgrows their instrument—either in size or skill. While upgrading thei...
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5 Mistakes to Avoid For Better String Care and Maintenance
String care and maintenance is something that is hardly talked about, yet extremely critical for good playing. No violin, viola, and cello could have lasted through hours of vigorous practice and perf...
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You're Never Too Old To Learn to Play a String Instrument — 3 Tips to Start
So you're interested in learning to play a string instrument, but you're not sure if your time has passed. After all, learning a string instrument requires years of time and dedication, and musical pr...
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4 Things to Consider Before Buying A Cello
Are you looking to invest in a cello? Whether you’re a beginner player or an expert cellist, buying a cello can be overwhelming. While a great player will be able to create music out of any cello, f...
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Choosing the Best Strings for Your Violin
Picking the best strings for your violin can be stressful. With many options to choose from, making the right decision becomes more critical to ensure that you save time, money and resources.Unfortuna...
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