Fostering a Musical Community: Julian Li Yong Rui's Initiatives as a Double Bassist

In our second "Humans of Gramercy" feature, we had the opportunity to sit down with Julian, where he shared insights into his life as a double bassist. Here's what he had to say! 

Julian Li Yong Rui's musical odyssey began with piano lessons at the age of seven, igniting his lifelong love for music. As he explored different instruments, the double bass captured Julian's heart and became his instrument of choice.

From his larger build and ability to read music, Julian found his place in the Chinese Orchestra. Initially considering the double bass as "boring," his perception changed when he witnessed his teacher's solo concert. The instrument's melodic richness and ability to produce enchanting notes akin to a violin fascinated Julian, inspiring him to delve deeper into his studies.

Throughout his journey, Julian has had the privilege of collaborating with talented musicians from diverse backgrounds. His time with the Guiyang Symphony Orchestra and the Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra in China enriched his musical experience, working alongside esteemed colleagues and guest artists. Since his return to Singapore in 2020, Julian's collaborations with notable musicians have been truly remarkable, nurturing his musical growth and inspiring future partnerships.

Julian attributes his musical development to the influential figures in his life, including his family, teachers, and mentors. Their unwavering support and guidance shaped his musical identity. Noteworthy individuals such as his professor in Austria, Ernst Weissensteiner, and legendary double bassist Thomas Martin have expanded Julian's perspective and encouraged him to become a well-rounded musician.

Collaborations with talented musicians and mentors have shaped Julian's journey. Throughout his journey, Julian acknowledges the profound influence of his family, teachers, and mentors. From their unwavering support to the countless opportunities they provided, these individuals shaped Julian's musical identity and fueled his growth. Noteworthy figures include his professor in Austria, Ernst Weissensteiner, who recommended him to various performance opportunities, and Thomas Martin, a legendary double bassist from London, whose online lessons expanded Julian's perspective, encouraging him to become not just an instrumentalist but a true musician.

As a bass teacher, Julian finds fulfillment in guiding students' musical journeys. His teaching philosophy extends beyond instruction, focusing on motivation and character development. He aims to create a nurturing environment where students can thrive and overcome the challenges of learning the bass.

Challenges arise in Julian's career as a full-time musician, but he remains committed to consistency and growth. He draws inspiration from the late Mr. Goh Soon Tioe, a revered musician who nurtured countless students.

Proud moments for Julian come from the joy he sees in his audiences and the growth of his students. He appreciates the vibrant music scene in Singapore but recognizes the need to nurture young talents and provide platforms for artistic expression. Julian has taken the initiative to organize a Double Bass day, fostering a community where students can come together and perform as an ensemble.

Beyond music, Julian finds joy in cooking and indulges in shows and animations for inspiration. He conquers performance nerves by engaging in lively conversations with fellow musicians and focusing on sharing the beauty of music with the audience.

Looking ahead, Julian envisions a future filled with performances, teaching engagements, and a dedication to the double bass. His aspirations include expanding his repertoire, motivating young bass students, and fostering a wider appreciation for the instrument.

Julian’s musical journey is one of passion, perseverance, and a commitment to the transformative power of music. His story serves as an inspiration, spreading joy and beauty through every note he plays. 

We wholeheartedly congratulate Julian Li Yong Rui on his ongoing musical journey. As an integral part of his career, we take immense pride in showcasing his talent on our platform. It brings us great joy to highlight individuals like Julian who not only contribute to our community but also embody the values and spirit that define us as Gramercy. We remain committed to supporting and celebrating musicians like Julian, fostering an inclusive and vibrant musical community that brings joy to all.

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