Destiny's Melody - A Musical Journey Unveiled

In the enchanting world of music, each individual's story is a unique melody, composed of dreams, determination, and destiny. Join us as we unveil the captivating narrative of Zhang Ying, a passionate female music enthusiast, who takes you on a harmonious voyage through her life's musical chapters.

From serendipitous beginnings in China to her unwavering dedication as a violinist and educator, Zhang Ying's journey is a testament to the power of destiny, determination, and the transformative force of music. Let her symphony inspire your own musical odyssey. 

The Unforeseen Path to Music

Destiny weaves intricate tales, leading us down unexpected paths. My musical journey began as a young girl in China, driven by my father's belief that learning the violin could change my fate. At the tender age of 6, I embarked on this musical odyssey, guided by his unwavering determination.

A Journey Beyond Choice

In a time when choices were limited, I had no say in my destiny. The violin was my calling, not by choice but by necessity. Under strict guidance, I honed my talent and secured a scholarship to a music school at age 9. This marked the beginning of my journey as a violinist.

Madam Fang: A Guiding Light

Madam Fang, the headmaster of my school, is a source of inspiration. Even in her 70s, her passion for music remains undiminished. Her dedication to cultivating talent in Singapore serves as a shining example, guiding my own aspirations.

Moments That Define My Career

Over my 25 years of teaching at NAFA, my proudest moments are when my students receive accolades. Witnessing them excel in national competitions and earn recognition is my greatest source of pride and motivation.

The Challenge of Musical Mastery

To make music education engaging, I employ creative techniques, from dance-infused rhythm training to finger control exercises reminiscent of tapping little hammers. My pedagogy centers on nurturing students' passion and proactiveness.

A Father's Influence

My father's love for music ignited my passion for the violin. He believed that mastering a skill was key to success in society, laying the foundation for my musical journey.

Fostering Tomorrow's Virtuosos

My dream has evolved with age, now centered on nurturing future violinists and transforming talent into world-class performers. This mission drives me to dedicate my life to education.

The Gratitude of a Teacher

As a full-time violin teacher, the profound gratitude of my students fuels my dedication. Their heartfelt "thank you" moments are my greatest reward.

Singapore's Vibrant Music Scene

Singapore's government actively promotes music, arts, and culture, fostering talent through dedicated courses, scholarships, and competitions. This investment in the arts enriches our community.

Pre-Performance Rituals

My approach to battling performance anxiety is simple: choose a piece that allows you to immerse yourself in the music and savor every note.

Beyond Music

Beyond music, I'm an avid reader. Exploring diverse worlds through literature enriches my musical interpretations, much like savoring a fine cup of tea long after it's empty.

The Road Ahead

My career has granted me incredible opportunities, but my next goal is clear: nurture violinists who will shine on the world stage. I aspire to follow in Madam Fang's footsteps, passing down the torch of music education for a harmonious world. 

Join us in celebrating these remarkable journeys, where music, destiny, and unwavering dedication converge to create harmonious symphonies. 


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