Jamshid Saydikarimov: Harmonious Musings of a Cellist's Journey in Singapore

Amidst the resounding notes of Singapore's music landscape, one cellist stands out, weaving a symphonic tapestry that resonates with the soul. Meet Jamshid Saydikarimov, a passionate musician whose love for the cello was destined to echo through the ages.

Embracing Musical Heritage

For Jamshid Saydikarimov, music was an indelible part of life, ingrained from a young age. Hailing from a musical family, the harmonious melodies of home shaped his destiny. "Since my early childhood, music has always been played at our home," he recalls, cherishing the sounds that set the stage for his musical journey.

The Fateful Love for Cello

Though his parents initially hoped for him to play the violin, destiny had other plans. A pivotal moment arose during admission into a specialised music school, where a profound decision was made. "My parents wanted me to play the violin, but the teachers decided that I would be suitable for the cello," Jamshid shares, acknowledging the fateful encounter that led him to his cherished instrument.

Seeking Passionate Collaborators

When asked about his dream collaboration, Jamshid's eyes light up with excitement: "Anyone who cares and is passionate about music." For him, the essence of music lies in harmonising with like-minded souls, a sentiment that fuels his artistic endeavours.

The Guiding Light - His Mother

In the symphony of Jamshid's life, his mother plays a pivotal role. A cellist herself, she instilled in him not just a love for the cello but also essential life skills, discipline, and time management. "She taught me to love the cello, shared her knowledge, and revealed the secrets of cello playing," Jamshid fondly acknowledges.

The Fulfilment of Being a Cello Teacher

Beyond his acclaimed career as a cellist, Jamshid finds profound fulfilment as a cello teacher. "I value human relations," he emphasises, cherishing the opportunity to pass on his knowledge and inspire students. Witnessing his students' progress, dedication, and trust fills him with immense pride and contentment.

Challenges in the Modern Melody

Navigating the contemporary music landscape as a full-time musician presents its challenges. However, Jamshid counts himself fortunate to be a part of Singapore's esteemed National Orchestra, performing grand symphonies and creating chamber music with his talented colleagues.

Ng Pei-Sian - The Inspiring Maestro

When it comes to role models, Jamshid's admiration rests with his teacher, Ng Pei-Sian. "He is an amazing person and a wonderful musician," Jamshid gushes. From the moment he became Pei-Sian's student at YST Conservatory of Music, Jamshid found inspiration in his mentor's playing and unique persona.

Proud Crescendos - Triumphs and Harmonies

Among his proudest moments, Jamshid cherishes his victory at an International Cello Competition in Russia, where he not only won the first prize but also met his future wife. Additionally, he beams with pride at joining the prestigious Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) after successfully navigating a challenging audition process.

Singapore's Crescendoing Music Community

Jamshid commends Singapore's cultured and enthusiastic music community. "Singaporeans have a genuine interest in arts and classical music," he observes, evident through the bustling concert halls and numerous music schools in the city.

Life's Intermezzo - Simple Pleasures

Beyond the realm of music, Jamshid finds joy in simple pleasures shared with his wife. Together, they savour moments watching movies and embarking on leisurely walks, creating beautiful harmonies of their own.

Preparing for Musical Overtures

To overcome pre-performance nerves, Jamshid ensures he rests well and conserves energy. A calm mind and body allow him to deliver captivating performances on stage.

Embracing the Musical Future

As for the future, Jamshid chooses to live in the present, finding happiness in the company of his family and the chance to continue creating enchanting melodies. With unwavering dedication and a passion for music, Jamshid Saydikarimov's journey promises a symphony of success and fulfilment in the years to come.

In conclusion, Jamshid Saydikarimov's musical voyage as a cellist in Singapore epitomises the profound impact of nurturing a love for music from an early age. Guided by a rich musical heritage and inspired by remarkable mentors, Jamshid's life reverberates with harmonious melodies, culminating in a promising future within the resplendent world of music.


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