Meet Beverly Hiong: A Symphony of Passions

Meet Beverly Hiong, a musical talent whose journey seamlessly blends the rich tapestry of family heritage with the enchanting melodies that have shaped her life. From her early days in the Singapore National Youth Orchestra to the grand stages of London, her evolution into a musician is a testament to the magnetic pull of destiny within the realm of music.

Guided by her mother and aunts, Beverly's connection with music was fostered from a tender age. Yet, it was in the vibrant heart of London's artistic landscape, while pursuing an economics degree, that her passion for music transcended into a burning desire. The University of London Symphony Orchestra (ULSO), the mentorship of Prof. Alexander Boyarsky, and captivating concerts infused life into her musical dreams.

Beverly's journey in the music industry has taken many diverse forms, encompassing roles as a performer, educator, curator, and even as a policy maker. Today, Beverly channels her time and passion into two distinct endeavours: "The Cello Suite," a Suzuki cello school, and "Music and Makan," an organisation with a dedicated focus on curating classical music concerts that aspire to be both engaging and intimate experiences.

The cello, chosen thanks to her mother's influence, resonates deeply within Beverly. Initiated through the Singapore Youth Orchestra tuition scheme, the cello's versatility, allowing it to be both a soloist and accompaniment, became a profound expression of her musical identity.

Collaboration finds its magic in Beverly's partnership with Dr. Cherie Khor, a phenomenal pianist and a long-time friend, the unspoken camaraderie between them creating harmonies that transcend words.

Family plays an instrumental role in Beverly's life, with her elder sister, Natalie, leading the way as a singer-songwriter and music school owner. Natalie's courage, creativity, and resilience serve as constant inspiration, driving Beverly's own pursuits.

Dr. Tanya Carey, a renowned pedagogue with over six decades of teaching experience, stands as a guiding light and a paragon of wisdom for Beverly. As she looks ahead, Beverly aspires to embody the same zest for life and wealth of knowledge, envisioning herself as vibrant and inspiring as her mentor as she matures through the years.

Among her proudest moments stands the collaboration between Music and Makan, the organisation she founded, and the esteemed members' club, 1880. The event titled "The Eccentrics" masterfully blended music with gastronomy, weaving classical melodies into unique, engaging spaces, and marking a remarkable achievement in Beverly's journey.

Her thoughts on Singapore's music scene are brimming with optimism. She firmly believes that more can be done to nurture these young talents by deeper expertise in pedagogy, along with establishing knowledge in areas such as physiotherapy and the Alexander Technique, to support their mental and physical well-being. This holistic approach, she asserts, is essential not only for honing their musical skills but also for fostering a sustainable and thriving music ecosystem in Singapore for generations to come.

Beyond the realms of music, Beverly finds solace in nature's embrace—whether nestled among mountains or soothed by the ocean's waves. Exploring new places invigorates her perspective, a vital source of inspiration for any creative soul. These days, she's immersed in her newest passion, her 8-month-old daughter, embracing the joys of motherhood.

Before each performance, Beverly employs the semi-supine procedure from the Alexander Technique, a ritual that releases tension, ensuring clarity of mind and relaxation of the body.

As she looks forward, Beverly remains committed to her role as an educator, aiming to be the best she can be. At The Cello Suite, she endeavours to impart knowledge and cultivate a deep love for music while building a passionate team. With Music and Makan, her mission is clear—bringing music to the community, collaborating with local musicians, and creating memorable experiences that will resonate for years to come.

When asked about one of her favourite products from Gramercy Music, Beverly enthusiastically mentions the M300 Eurostring cello, a popular choice in their studio, especially for young beginners. Its bright and clear tones make it an excellent option for fractional instruments, aligning perfectly with her commitment to providing the best resources for budding musicians. As we conclude this exploration of Beverly's journey and aspirations, it's evident that her passion for music and her dedication to the development of young talents will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the musical landscape of Singapore.

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