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D'Addario Kaplan Viola 16" "A" Medium #KS411-LM

D'Addario Kaplan Viola 16" "A" Medium #KS411-LM

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Experience the pinnacle of viola string performance with D'Addario Kaplan Viola String 16" A. Designed for professional musicians, these orchestral bowed strings deliver exceptional tonal quality, precise bow response, and a captivating blend of clarity and warmth.

Crafted with precision and expertise, Kaplan viola strings unlock a world of expressive possibilities. Their beautiful tonal palette allows you to explore the full range of musical emotions, from delicate and nuanced to bold and powerful. The strings respond effortlessly to the bow, giving you superior control and expression across all playing techniques.

No matter your musical style or genre, D'Addario Kaplan Viola Strings are the ideal choice for musicians seeking to elevate their playing experience. Discover the perfect balance of clarity and warmth as you bring your viola to life with these professional-grade strings.

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