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D'Addario Planet Lock Nylan Guitar Strap

D'Addario Planet Lock Nylan Guitar Strap

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Ensure the safety and stability of your guitar with the D'Addario Planet Lock Nylon Guitar Strap. Designed to keep your instrument securely strapped to your body, this guitar strap is a must-have accessory for every guitarist.

Made with high-quality nylon, this strap is not only durable but also comfortable to wear. The Planet Lock system features a unique locking mechanism that securely attaches the strap to your guitar's strap buttons, preventing accidental slippage and ensuring your guitar stays in place while you play.

Available in a range of colors, you can choose the perfect strap to match your style and guitar. Whether you prefer a classic black strap or want to add a pop of color, there's a Planet Lock Nylon Guitar Strap for every guitarist.

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