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KUN Bravo Collapsible Violin Wooden Shoulder Rest

KUN Bravo Collapsible Violin Wooden Shoulder Rest

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The Kun Bravo Collapsible Wooden Violin Shoulder Rest is a remarkable accessory designed to meet the demands of violinists who prefer a wooden shoulder rest. Kun, a renowned brand, developed the Bravo to fulfill the desires of its customers.

Crafted with precision, the Bravo features a base made from bent hardwood laminates. These laminates are carefully oriented to provide the ideal combination of strength and flexibility required for a shoulder rest. Handmade in Italy, the bases are crafted from European curly maple, resembling the back of a fine violin. This attention to detail adds a touch of elegance to the rest.

The Bravo shoulder rest incorporates metal adjusting mechanisms, further enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. These mechanisms not only contribute to the rest's beauty but also enable easy customization to fit your preferred playing position. Additionally, the rest's feet include Kun's patented locking device, effectively limiting rotation and ensuring a secure placement.

The padding of the Bravo shoulder rest utilizes the highest quality sponge rubber, representing the latest advancements in polymer technology. This innovative material provides extra grip, offering enhanced comfort and maximum durability. With the Bravo, you can enjoy extended playing sessions without compromising on support.

For added convenience, the Bravo Collapsible model features folding ends, allowing for easy storage. Whether you're a professional violinist or a passionate learner, the Kun Bravo Collapsible Wooden Violin Shoulder Rest is a must-have accessory, combining functionality, elegance, and exceptional craftsmanship.

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