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KUN Coussin Solo Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest 4/4

KUN Coussin Solo Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest 4/4

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The Kun Violin 4/4 Coussin Solo Collapsible Shoulder Rest is an exceptional accessory designed specifically for violinists with long necks or those who prefer a taller shoulder rest. Its unique features and stylish design make it a standout choice among musicians.
Featuring a sleek and contoured body with a chic two-toned metallic bronze and black finish, the Solo adds a touch of sophistication to your violin setup. The simplified finger lever allows for ultra-fine size adjustment without the need for screws, providing convenience and ease of use.

The Solo offers greater width on the shoulder end, ensuring enhanced comfort during extended playing sessions. Its new collapsing mechanism with recessed and integrated drums allows for easy folding of the rest's feet, making storage and transportation hassle-free.

The patterned cut-outs in the Solo's sponge rubber not only provide a secure grip on your shoulder but also contribute to reducing the overall weight of the rest, allowing your instrument's sound to resonate freely.

When adjusting the Solo, it's important to ensure adequate clearance between the adjusting tabs and the back of your instrument, as it is intended to sit in a higher position.

Experience the comfort, versatility, and improved sound quality provided by the Kun Violin 4/4 Coussin Solo Collapsible Shoulder Rest. Elevate your violin playing to new heights with this exceptional accessory.

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