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Larsen Aurora Cello String Medium Set

Larsen Aurora Cello String Medium Set

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The Larsen Aurora Cello String Medium Set is the perfect starting point for your cello journey. These strings provide an affordable entry into the Larsen range without compromising on quality and consistency. Experience a smoothly brilliant sound that is free from metallic overtones.

Each string in the set features a solid steel core for enhanced durability and stability. The A and D strings are wound with a corrosion-resistant alloy, while the G string is wound with nickel. The C string is crafted from tungsten, offering a rich and powerful tone. Together, these strings deliver impressive string response and playing characteristics.

The Larsen Aurora strings feature a fresh and colorful packaging design, with vibrant silk colors at the tailpiece that add a touch of optimism to your instrument. Whether you're a beginner, student, or professional cellist, these strings offer exceptional value without compromise.

Available in both full size and fractional sizes, the Larsen Aurora Cello String Medium Set opens up a world of musical possibilities. Begin your musical journey with confidence and experience the Larsen seal of quality.

Available Sizes: 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 in Medium tension.

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