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Master Egidius Dor Cello Bow #26A Germany

Master Egidius Dor Cello Bow #26A Germany

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The Master Egidius Dor Cello Bow #26A Germany is a premier choice for professional cellists seeking the ultimate playing experience. This exceptional bow features a first-class Pernambuco stick that has been meticulously stored and dried for over 30 years, resulting in outstanding qualities that enhance your performance.

Crafted with expert craftsmanship, each bow in this series is unique and made from selected Pernambuco wood. The exquisite engravings and distinctive inlays add a touch of elegance to the bow, making it visually stunning. Stamped with the renowned "EGIDIUS DOERFLER" mark, this bow represents the highest standards of quality and artistry.

Unlock the full potential of your cello with the Master Egidius Dor Cello Bow #26 Germany. Experience exceptional responsiveness, precise control, and a rich, nuanced tone. Trust in the bow that professional cellists worldwide rely on for their most demanding performances.


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