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Pirastro Gold & Tonica Violin String E/Ball Set #412027

Pirastro Gold & Tonica Violin String E/Ball Set #412027

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The Pirastro Gold & Tonica Violin String E/Ball Set combines the exceptional qualities of Tonica strings with the brilliance of Gold Wondertone E-string. The Tonica strings feature a nylon core, producing a lively and well-rounded sound that is perfectly balanced across all four strings.

With instant response to various bowing styles, these strings deliver an open and direct sound, while reducing background noise for smoother string crossings. The highly responsive left hand feel makes them easy to play even in the highest positions. The set also includes the popular Gold Wondertone E-string, known for its brilliant and powerful sound. It's a preferred choice of many professionals.

The set E-Gold Label contains:

  • E-Gold Label medium in sheep gut core.
  • A-aluminum, D- and G-silver -Tonica medium. 

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