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Pirastro Gold Wondertone Violin String Medium

Pirastro Gold Wondertone Violin String Medium

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Pirastro Gold Wondertone Violin String Medium offers a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity for violin players.

The sheep gut core, meticulously crafted by hand, produces a bright gut sound that is rich in character. The strings deliver a balanced tone across all registers, allowing for expressive and nuanced playing.

The E-steel string, known for its brilliance and power, adds a vibrant touch to your performance while providing effortless response. This combination of gut and steel strings creates a versatile set that is both easy to play and capable of producing a wide range of dynamic sounds.

Experience the exceptional playability and brilliant tonal qualities of Pirastro Gold Wondertone Violin Strings Medium, and unlock new possibilities in your musical expression.

Set : E steel, A aluminium, D and G silver


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