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Pirastro Obligato Violin String

Pirastro Obligato Violin String

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Unleash the true potential of your violin with the Pirastro Obligato Violin String. Crafted with a core made from a modern synthetic multifilament fibre, these strings are engineered to deliver exceptional sound and performance.

Experience the captivating blend of warmth and fullness in the sound produced by the Obligato Violin Strings. With a brilliant, rich overtone spectrum and focused tone, these strings bring out the finest nuances and intricacies of your playing, allowing your melodies to soar with clarity and expression.

Enjoy excellent playability and response across the entire dynamic range, empowering you to effortlessly transition from delicate pianissimos to powerful fortissimos. The Obligato Violin Strings offer great tone volume, ensuring that your instrument resonates with a commanding presence that captivates both the performer and the audience.

With excellent tuning stability, these strings provide a reliable and consistent performance, allowing you to focus on your music without worrying about frequent retuning. Additionally, they are completely insensitive to variations in temperature and humidity, making them ideal for different playing environments and ensuring long-lasting durability.

The standard set contains the following strings:

  • E-gold steel, A-aluminum, D- and G-silver.

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