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Pirastro Oliv Bass String Set #241000

Pirastro Oliv Bass String Set #241000

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Experience the timeless beauty and exceptional quality of the Pirastro Oliv Bass String Set. These strings, featuring a sheep gut core, are meticulously manufactured, wound, and polished using traditional techniques, resulting in an unparalleled musical experience.

The Oliv Bass Strings are wound with chrome steel, adding durability and stability to their construction. Designed to withstand the demands of a heavier bow arm, these strings deliver dark and powerful sounds when bowed, allowing you to explore the depths of your instrument's tonal range.

Discover a world of musical possibilities with the great diversity of tone colors and volume offered by the Oliv Bass String Set. From rich and resonant lows to vibrant and expressive highs, these strings enable you to create a symphony of harmonious sounds, captivating both the listener and the performer.

Immerse yourself in the tradition and craftsmanship of the Oliv Bass String Set by Pirastro. Embrace the unique character and nuances they bring to your playing, as each note comes alive with depth, warmth, and a touch of musical history.



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