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Pirastro Passione Violin String Medium Set #219081

Pirastro Passione Violin String Medium Set #219081

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The Pirastro Passione Violin String Medium Set features strings with a sheep gut core that is meticulously handcrafted in the traditional way. These strings offer a full, round, and warm core sound with a complex overtone spectrum, resulting in brilliance, clarity, and impressive projection. The Passione strings provide a diverse range of sounds, giving musicians the ability to customize their tone according to their preferences.

With a very easy response across all dynamic levels and manageable contact point accuracy, these strings are a joy to play. Additionally, Passione strings have a significantly reduced playing-in time compared to traditional gut strings, allowing for immediate playability.

The medium set contains the following strings:

  • E-Silvery Steel 26,
  • A-aluminum 13 1/2, D-silver 13 1/2
  • G-silver 16 1/2

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