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Vettori Dario Cello 2020 Mod Guadagnini 'Geringas'

Vettori Dario Cello 2020 Mod Guadagnini 'Geringas'

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The Vettori Dario Cello 2020 Mod Guadagnini 'Geringas' is a testament to the rich legacy and craftsmanship of the Vettori family. Continuing a tradition spanning generations, the Vettori family has established themselves as world leaders in violin-making.

Influenced by the renowned Sderci family and Lapo Casini, Paolo Vettori, along with his children Dario II and Lapo, has mastered the art of violin-making. Their works bear traces of their late father's style and incorporate exclusive techniques, models, and varnish formulas passed down from the esteemed Bisiach family.

Working in the same workshop as their father, the children use the same cello molds and models, with Sofia focusing more on instrument adjustment and restoration. The selection of wood is of utmost importance to the Vettori family, and they primarily use local and Bosnian maple, spruce, poplar, willow, cherry, and pear wood. Dario II occasionally comes across aged wood from trees dating back to the 1600s, infusing their instruments with a sense of history.

Paolo and his children continue to practice their art in Italy, upholding their philosophy of small-scale, high-quality production. They tirelessly research old varnish formulas found in their grandfather's manuscripts, allowing them to achieve unique and exquisite craftsmanship that sets their instruments apart.

The Vettori Dario Cello 2020 Mod Guadagnini 'Geringas' showcases their dedication to their craft. With its exceptional construction, attention to detail, and use of traditional techniques, this cello embodies the Vettori family's commitment to producing instruments of extraordinary artistry and quality.

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