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Vettori Dario Cello Mod. Domenico Busan, Venezia 1760-1770

Vettori Dario Cello Mod. Domenico Busan, Venezia 1760-1770

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The Vettori Dario Cello Mod. Domenico Busan, Venezia 1760-1770 is a remarkable instrument crafted by the Vettori family, renowned for their exceptional violin-making skills that have been passed down through generations.

The family's legacy in this art form began with the elder Dario and continued with his son Paolo. Today, the tradition is carried on by Paolo's children, Dario II and Lapo Vettori, ensuring the continuity of their remarkable craftsmanship into the 21st century.

Paolo's works reflect the influence of his late father, as well as the Sderci family and Lapo Casini, with whom he collaborated during the 1970s. His close friendship with Giuseppe Stefanini, a member of the Bisiach family, granted him exclusive access to their techniques, models, and varnish formula.

The Vettori family works in the same workshop, utilizing the same violin moulds and models that have been refined over the years. Sofia, one of Paolo's children, focuses on instrument adjustment and restoration, contributing to the meticulous craftsmanship of their creations.

The selection of wood is a crucial aspect of their process, with an emphasis on using local and Bosnian maple, spruce, poplar, willow, cherry, and pear wood. Dario II occasionally discovers old wood dating back to the 1600s, further adding to the uniqueness and character of their instruments.

Paolo and his children remain committed to their philosophy of producing instruments of exceptional quality through a small-scale production approach. They continuously delve into their grandfather's old manuscripts, researching ancient varnish formulas, and employing their findings to achieve exquisite craftsmanship and unrivaled quality. This dedication has established the Vettori family as world leaders in the realm of violin-making.

The Vettori Dario Cello Mod. Domenico Busan, Venezia 1760-1770 is a testament to the family's exceptional artistry and unwavering commitment to the tradition of violin-making, ensuring that their instruments resonate with beauty and quality for generations to come.

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