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Vettori Dario Violin Mod A. Stradivari 1718 "Toscania" Passo Stalle" Italy 2021

Vettori Dario Violin Mod A. Stradivari 1718 "Toscania" Passo Stalle" Italy 2021

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Introducing the Vettori Dario Violin, a remarkable instrument crafted by a family with an illustrious lineage in violin-making. Beginning with the elder Dario and carrying the tradition forward through his son Paolo, the Vettori family's passion for their artistry has endured into the 21st century, now entrusted to the talented hands of grandchildren Dario II and Lapo Vettori.

Each Vettori violin reflects the collective expertise and influences acquired over generations. Paolo's works pay homage to his late father while incorporating the artistic sensibilities imparted by the Sderci family and Lapo Casini, with whom he closely collaborated in the 1970s. A cherished friendship with Giuseppe Stefanini of the renowned Bisiach family granted Paolo exclusive access to their revered techniques, models, and closely guarded varnish formulas.

In the very workshop where this rich legacy thrives, the Vettori children meticulously employ the same violin molds and models, expertly honing their craft. Sofia, with her keen focus on instrument adjustment and restoration, ensures that every Vettori violin reaches its fullest potential. The family's unwavering commitment to excellence extends to the careful selection of wood, utilizing the finest local and Bosnian maple, spruce, poplar, willow, cherry, and pear wood. Dario II's occasional discovery of aged wood from centuries past adds a touch of history and depth to their instruments.

The Vettori family upholds a philosophy of producing a limited quantity of instruments without compromising on quality. Their dedication to preserving the time-honored varnish formulas found within their grandfather's precious manuscripts ensures that each Vettori violin possesses a unique, exquisite character and tonal richness. It is this unwavering pursuit of craftsmanship that has solidified the Vettori family as world leaders in the realm of violin-making.

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