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Vettori Dario Violin Mod. Antonio Stradivari "Phlegon" 2019

Vettori Dario Violin Mod. Antonio Stradivari "Phlegon" 2019

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The family began this artform with the elder Dario, continuing with his son Paolo, and have since carried it into the 21st century by his grandchildren Dario II and Lapo Vettori.

Paolo's works display traces of his late father and influences from the Sderci family and Lapo Casini, having frequented their workshops in the 1970s. He later acquired exclusively techniques, models and varnish formula exclusive to the Bisiach family due to his close friendship with Giuseppe Stefanini.

Working in the same workshop as their father, the children use the same violin moulds and models, with Sofia focusing more on instrument adjustment and restoration. They place emphasis on the selection of wood, mainly using local and Bosnian maple, spruce, poplar, willow, cherry and pear wood. Dario II occasionally discovers old wood from trees dating back to the 1600s.

Paolo and his children continue to practice their art in Italy and stand strong for their philosophy of a small but high-quality production. They continuously research old varnish formula left behind in their grandfather's old manuscripts, allowing them to achieve unique, exquisite craftsmanship and quality that has made the Vettori family world leaders in violin-making.

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