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Vettori Lapo Cello Mod. J.B. Guadagnini 2019

Vettori Lapo Cello Mod. J.B. Guadagnini 2019

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Guided by a philosophy of small-scale, high-quality production, Paolo and his children maintain their dedication to preserving the rich heritage of violin-making. Continuous research into the ancient varnish formulas, preserved within their grandfather's precious manuscripts, grants the Vettori family the ability to achieve unparalleled craftsmanship, resulting in instruments of remarkable quality that have earned them worldwide acclaim.

Now, behold the Vettori Lapo Cello, a manifestation of centuries of craftsmanship and passion. Its rich tones and captivating resonance invite you to embark on a musical journey of profound expression. Each stroke of the bow upon the Vettori Lapo Cello brings forth a symphony of emotions, connecting you to the legacy of the Vettori family and the soul of the instrument.

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