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Vettori Paolo Cello 2022 Mod Guadagnini "Sakura"

Vettori Paolo Cello 2022 Mod Guadagnini "Sakura"

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Introducing the Vettori Paolo Cello, a collaborative masterpiece between master luthier Paolo Vettori and renowned cellist Naomi Berrill. Together, they embarked on a project that encapsulates their shared inspirations and visions.

Paolo Vettori, the esteemed master behind the creation of the Sakura cello, draws upon his expertise and artistic sensibilities to bring this instrument to life. Exploring the idea of incorporating cherry wood into the cello's construction, Paolo found inspiration in the enchanting Sakura tree. With its delicate blossoms symbolizing rebirth and renewal, the Sakura tree became a fitting muse for this extraordinary instrument. Paolo shares his vision through the captivating image of the Sakura tree and a Haiku, a traditional Japanese poem, delicately painted on the cello's back. This artistic touch adds an element of beauty and cultural depth to the instrument's design.

Naomi Berrill, a celebrated cellist, played an integral role in this collaborative endeavor. Choosing the traditional Japanese song 'Sakura Sakura,' which celebrates the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms, Naomi's musical interpretation aligns harmoniously with the essence of the Sakura cello. The synergy between the instrument's construction and the evocative melodies performed by Naomi creates a profound artistic experience.

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