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Vettori Paolo Cello Mod. Guarneri 'Filios Andreae' 2020

Vettori Paolo Cello Mod. Guarneri 'Filios Andreae' 2020

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Embrace the remarkable artistry and sonic splendor of the Vettori Paolo Cello, meticulously crafted in the Guarneri 'Filios Andreae' model. Every stroke of the bow will resonate with the rich heritage, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence that define the Vettori family's legacy.

A masterpiece crafted in the Guarneri 'Filios Andreae' model of 2020, the Vettori family's legacy in the art of violin-making traces back to the esteemed elder Dario, and this tradition has been faithfully carried forward by his son Paolo and grandchildren Dario II and Lapo Vettori into the 21st century.

Paolo's creations bear the indelible mark of his late father's craftsmanship, infused with influences from the renowned Sderci family and Lapo Casini, whose workshops Paolo frequented in the 1970s. Building upon this foundation, Paolo gained exclusive access to techniques, models, and varnish formulas passed down by the esteemed Bisiach family, owing to his close friendship with Giuseppe Stefanini.


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