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Vettori Paolo Cello Mod. Jb Guadagnini "David" Firenze 2020

Vettori Paolo Cello Mod. Jb Guadagnini "David" Firenze 2020

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Presenting the Vettori Paolo Cello, a magnificent creation fashioned in the Jb Guadagnini "David" model in the year 2020, hailing from the city of Florence. The Vettori family's artistic lineage traces its origins to the venerable Dario, and his son Paolo, along with their talented descendants Dario II and Lapo Vettori, have carried this heritage into the 21st century.

Paolo and his children adhere firmly to their philosophy of small-scale yet uncompromisingly high-quality production. They are dedicated to ongoing research, diligently exploring their grandfather's ancient manuscripts to uncover the secrets of time-honored varnish formulas. This tireless pursuit of knowledge enables them to achieve a level of craftsmanship and quality that sets the Vettori family apart as global leaders in the realm of violin-making.

Indulge in the extraordinary artistry and sonic brilliance of the Vettori Paolo Cello, crafted meticulously in the Jb Guadagnini "David" model. With each resonant note, you will witness the legacy, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence that epitomize the Vettori family's remarkable lineage.

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