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Violin/Viola Slide On Wire Mute

Violin/Viola Slide On Wire Mute

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The Slide On Wire Mute is a versatile and practical accessory for violinists and violists seeking to control their instrument's sound during practice sessions.

Crafted with precision and quality, this mute features a convenient slide-on design that effortlessly attaches to the strings of your violin or viola. The wire construction ensures a secure fit and allows for easy adjustment, enabling you to fine-tune the amount of dampening to suit your preference.

The Slide On Wire Mute effectively reduces the volume of your instrument, allowing for quiet practice without sacrificing the tone quality. Whether you're practicing in a shared space, a dormitory, or during late-night sessions, this mute will help you maintain a controlled and focused sound.

Invest in the Slide On Wire Mute and elevate your violin or viola practice to new levels of musicality and concentration. Experience the freedom to practice anytime, anywhere, while maintaining a balanced and muted tone.

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