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Whistle Flute "A" Pitch (420Hz)

Whistle Flute "A" Pitch (420Hz)

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The Whistle Flute "A" Pitch (420Hz) is a wooden flute commonly used by musicians for tuning purposes. Crafted with precision, this whistle flute is specifically designed to produce the frequency of "A" pitch at 420Hz.

Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry and use during rehearsals, performances, and practice sessions. Simply blow into the whistle flute to produce a clear and distinct "A" pitch sound, allowing you to tune your instrument accurately.

Whether you are a professional musician, a music student, or a beginner, the Whistle Flute "A" Pitch (420Hz) is an essential tool for ensuring your instrument is in tune and ready to deliver harmonious melodies.

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